Motor Start Capacitors


The motor start capacitor, or start capacitor, is active solely during motor startup, connected with an auxiliary winding. It automatically disconnects, often via a centrifugal switch, when the motor reaches a set speed.

Newcap manufactures AC motor start capacitors utilizing etched and formed aluminum foils of superior purity. These foils separate the anode and cathode, with tissue paper employed to retain sufficient electrolyte and absorbent material. To shield the capacitor element from atmospheric moisture and dust, it is enclosed within an aluminum can. For enhanced safety, these capacitors undergo complete insulation with PVC shrinkable sleeves and are further sealed within an outer tubular aluminum can. Flexible terminations of the desired length are provided as per specific requirements.

What we Offer



  • Single-can and double-can construction options available.
  • Streamlined design for ease of handling.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications.



Extruded Aluminium Can

Capacitance Available

40/60 μF to 250/300 μF

Capacitance Tolerance


Working Voltage

230 Volts AC

Max Voltage

300 Volts AC


50 to 60 Hz

Insulation Resistance

More than 2500 Mega Ohms

More than 2500 Mega Ohms

Paper based


Non-PCB, Electrolytic Capacitor

Ambient temperature

min. -25 °C max 85 °C


Cable & Stud type terminals

NEWCAP FOIL SERIES General Availability

Capacitance μF 

Size-Diameter x Height (mm)

40 x 60

40 x 100

60 x 80

40 x 100

80 x 100

40 x 106

100 x 120

40 x 106

120 x 150

40 x 106

120 x 150

45 x 130

150 x 200

45 x 130

200 x 250

45 x 130